Marge Arkitekter was established in 2002 by Pye Aurell Ehrström, Katarina Grundsell, Louise Masreliez and Susanne Ramel. The firm rapidly became recognised as one of the young firms representing a contemporary development of architecture in Sweden. The firm has an extensive and broadly-based portfolio including private, commercial and public projects. Marge Arkitekter has received publicity in the national and international press and has exhibited in Sweden and around Europe. The firm currently has about 30 employees.

Marge Arkitekter works in architecture on every scale - from town planning, housing and commercial buildings to interior fittings and product design. Common to the projects is a spatially exploratory architecture that is characterised by innovative organization and new applications for materials.

Excerpt of chosen awards, publications and exhibitions:

  • Commended in MIPIM Architectural Review Award 2015, Elderly center Gardens in Örebro
  • Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2014, Strömkajen
  • Nominated for the Kasper Salin Prize 2014, Strömkajen
  • Shortlisted for the WAF Award 2014, small projects, Strömkajen
  • 2nd place, The Stockholm building of the year 2014, Strömkajen
  • Winner of the Plåtpriset award 2014, Strömkajen
  • Winner of Rödfärgspriset (Falu red prize) 2012, Villa Ekros
  • Nominated to ECOLA Awards 2012, Norra Vram
  • Nominated to Bostadspriset 2011 (the Residential Prize), Norra Vram
  • Shortlisted to the WAN AWARD 2010 for Norra Vram, Building of the year, Healthcare Sector 
  • Represented in IASPIS/The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's archive, 2008
  • Represented on “Greener than thou”, exhibition, London Festival of Architecture, 2008
  • Winner of the Swedish light prize for Rica Talk Hotel, 2006
  • Participation in ”Young European Architects” – a book about young architects under 40, 2006
  • Represented on Arkitekturmuseet, ”Young swedish architecture” 2005.
  • Prenomination for European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - MIES VAN DER ROHE AWARD 2005 for Villa 1.0, in collaboration with Kjellander & Sjöberg Arkitektkontor.
  • Participation in Young European Architects , seminar in Rotterdam 2004 and exhibition at NAI. (Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam, Holland)
Marge Marge
Marge Marge