Äldreboende Östhammar

Äldreboende Östhammar

Äldreboende Östhammar

Äldreboende Östhammar

Äldreboende Östhammar

Äldreboende Östhammar

Analysis and program study for an elderly home and the regional development plan.

Östhammar, Sweden

Client: Department of Building, Municipality of Östhammar

Area of care homes: approx. 5500 m2

Area of caretaker accommodation: approx. 3500 m2


In 2009 Marge Arkitekter received the contract to investigate a development plan that enables an “attractive dwelling for the elderly” in Kristinelund, an area south of central Östhammar. The existing area could be described mainly as a wooded mountain plateau. The purpose of the development plan was to show how it would be possible to create care homes and caretaker accommodation. The placement of the new buildings was purposeful in leaving large zones of the forest untouched so it can be enjoyed by the Kristinelund school and the local residents.  

The area contains two care homes with six sections comprising 60 apartments on two floors, approx. 5500 m2. About 60 caretaker apartments are also placed nearby.

Beside apartments and common areas the care homes contain a ward, a common entrance, restaurant and offices for external care such as chiropractors, massage, foot care and hair care - some of which can be used by the local residents.

In 2011 the development plan became official for the municipality.