Badrum Svärdson

Badrum Svärdson

Badrum Svärdson

Badrum Svärdson

Badrum Svärdson

Badrum Svärdson

Private spa with bath and sauna

Start date: 2012

Completed: 2015

Area: 31 m²

Client: Private

Scope: Architectural design services from sketch phase to finished construction

Project architect: Susanne Ramel

In this villa on the island of Lidingö an unused cellar space was made into a bath and spa. The bathroom connects to the pool room on the floor above via a renovated spiral stair with white finish and new wooden steps. 

Inside the spa is built a water closet, shower room, built-in bath and a sauna with cedar walls and bench. Cedar continues throughout the spa to give a unified expression down to the detail of cabinetry and towel hooks.