Refurbishment and interior design of a retail space

Location: Gothenburg and Täby

Client: Houdini Sportswear via Story Design

Area: 100 m2

Completed: 2014

Photo: Johan Fowelin

Houdini Sportswear is known for its strong brand and ambitious environmental profile - quality and fair-trade. We wanted to clearly reveal this in the retail concept.

Marge was first met with a mood board from Story Design that outlined the main conceptual goals for the project. The environmental concern creates an uncommon program for a clothing store. Customers can buy clothing in the store but they also have the option to rent equipment or bring in items for repair. Customers can also benefit from scheduled yoga demonstrations or sign up for jogging groups.

To highlight the brand with our design we have put focus on the equipment rental and used environmental materials. Perforated plywood is used not only as a flexible storage system but is adapted as a display board for fixing tools and equipment. Green planting boxes hang from climbing ropes to bring in the element of nature and point at Houdini’s origin in climbing.

In the Gothenburg store there is a kitchen island in the middle of the floor for personnel to prepare lunch and support in-store events for customers. More climbing ropes hang above the kitchen where they hold energy lamps, plants, and glass globes featuring explanations of the recycled fibers in various products.