Kv Reval

Kv Reval

Kv Reval

Kv Reval

Kv Reval

Kv Reval

The Reval Apartment Quarter, Värtahamnen

Location: Värtahamnen, Stockholm

Client: Folkhem

Area: 200 apt; 22500 m2

Estimated start date: 2024

In this proposal Folkhem tries to contribute to the vision for Södra Värtahamnen as a sustainable neighborhood within Norra Djurgårdsstaden. We want to build upon the large scale of the historical port context while creating an ecologically resilient urban block inside a vibrant neighborhood. 

Folkhelm thus hopes to stand at the cutting edge of environmental building while also delivering a strong architectonic identity. With a structure built in massive timber the project is not only energy efficient but also accounts for a low-emissions construction process that takes responsibility for the impact of material extraction.

Kv Reval is conceived as a closed quarter with openings toward the park in order to facilitate movement between the garden, park, and public transport while also allowing light into the gardens and apartments. The park space ties together the outdoor spaces which process one into the next from the intimacy of the gardens to the park and on to Värtans wide waterfront and boardwalk.

The apartment buildings vary between 6 and 14 stories and come together to frame a green courtyard which serves as a common space for grilling and various activities. The buildings are capped with common roof terraces and their mass shields the courtyard from the noise of the port.

The residential block is set on a raised bottom floor with public units for service, preschools, restaurants etc. These spaces also accommodate apartment utilities such as bicycle storage, trash/recycling, extra storage etc. In the inner park there is also a new preschool.