New production School- and sports centre in Ör, Sundbyberg
Client: Sunbyberg's municipality
BTA school: 6650 sqm
Environmental certification: Targeted to achieve ‘Miljöbyggnad Gold’

BTA sports centre: 1950 sqm
Ongoing (Programhandling 2016)


The Ör district is growing and a new, larger school with a sports centre is planned for the area.

The Ör area has developed a late modernist character and follows a house-in-park principle. The new sports centre conforms to this school of thought as its location makes it possible to enter from both the school playground and from Örsvängen road near the neighbouring Örvallen baseball field. Set back slightly from Örsvängen, the centre, together with existing buildings, forms the perfect surroundings for the school and playground.

The school stands out as the important building that it is, both in terms of position - in the middle of the village - and due to its design. Despite its imposing appearance the building design harbours an economic rational based on modularity. The basic modules have been designed based on both location-specific and functional requirements such as daylight, isolation for preschool classes, exposure to sunlight, privacy from neighbouring properties, established trees etc. The building permit is for a school with 21 classes, i.e. three parallel preschool-to-year-6 classes totalling 630 children. In order to maximise the school playground area, it was proposed to build a 4-level school and the school playground is designed so that preschool facilities are located below ground level to the east. The younger kids therefore have a partly sealed-off playground, while the older ones have an adjacent playground to the west where there is also a ball park.

The gymnasium is directly adjacent to the playground with a side entrance for safe and sure passage between the school and gym. Thanks to its size, the gym can be divided in two classes at the same time. When used to its full extent, it becomes a full-size sports centre, which offers the opportunity to train and hold sport competitions that require maximum space such as floorball and handball. Set back from Örsvängen and below ground level, it is not an eyesore and does not visually dominate its surroundings despite its impressive size. The lower ground level with its entrance and changing rooms means that the volume is adapted to the topography, thereby minimising blasting work.

The area’s original buildings are characterised by an austere and reserved palette of materials, against which the relatively new Blåklockan preschool stands out with its strong colours. Colour and design concepts add further to this, so that the area’s official programme – preschool, school, gymnasium – comprise a clear series of striking buildings within a coherent residential area.