Våning Ager

Våning Ager

Våning Ager

Våning Ager

Våning Ager

Våning Ager

Refurbishment & interior design of a private floor, Stockholm

Client: Private

Area: 310 m2

Finished: 2012

Photo: Johan Foweli

The refurbishment involves a turn-of-the-century existing floor with subtle adjustment to the plan in order to adapt to modern family life. The classical portions are completed with an open kitchen intertwined with a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry through and open bright triangular room that replaces the traditional service corridors.

The characteristic ceiling is preserved with its different moldings and unique sculpted features. New ceiling paintings in large abstract patterns enhance the unique ceilings and the meeting between new and old. The ceiling’s color scheme in faint pastel tones mirrors the exterior colors found outside each respective window.   Additionally the colors fade toward a gray-white color scheme.

Individual modules were specifically designed to complete the interior such as workstations in the kitchen, storage units in the hall and wardrobes each placed in the rooms in a way that complements but stands out from that which is old.