Venice Biennale 2012

Venice Biennale 2012

Venice Biennale 2012

Venice Biennale 2012

Venice Biennale 2012

On the 50th anniversary of the 1962 completion of the iconic building The Nordic pavilion by Sverre Fehn, the Museum of Finnish Architecture proposed a Venice Biennale exhibition worthy of its Nordic “house”. The exhibition got the name LIGHTHOUSES. 30 contemporary Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian architecture practices were chosen to present a so called architectonic identity-box that was embodying in material and sensory character the principles, sensibilities and values of the practice together with the contemporary Nordic issues of economic and environmental ethics. Keeping within the measurements of 600x600x600 mm the identity-box was to be attuned to the spatial and atmospheric character of the Nordic Pavillion.

The intention of PET is to include the Nordic tradition of craftsmanship as well as making use of the qualities of daylight flowing through a layered structure. By creating a grid built up by one singular module, a diagonal slice of a PET-bottle, a light-weight and tactile form is constructed. The cube is describing mass, although being almost weightless, as well as diffusing and reflecting the light shining through it.

The choice of PET material was made because of its recyclable character, but also because of it being plastic - a material sometimes used by Sverre Fehn to form structures that would diffuse the light. 

Materials are often defined as of a “low” or “high” value within a certain context. By switching their usual realm, adaption or by expanding their field of function, that sense of value could be altered with amazing results. 

#1-2 Museum of Finnish Architecture and Ilari Järvinen
#3-4 Mikael Olsson
#5 Marge Arkitekter